Refund policy

We always want to make your purchase on unique and transparent.
This is why we have set up an easy and free return service. If the product received is defective or damaged, within 14 days of receiving it, do the following:

1. Send us an email telling us:
  •      Your name, surname and order number.
  •      That you want to exercise the right of withdrawal pursuant to art. 5 Legislative Decree 185/1999.
  •      Account holder (name and surname) and Iban number if you want to receive the refund on a checking account.
  •      The email if you want to have the refund on your Paypal account.

2. We will send you an email with a code to be provided to DHL EXPRESS. Contact the DHL EXPRESS office closest to your home and book a collection, providing the code.

3. We will refund the paid amount within 30 days of receiving the goods.

We hope this simplified procedure can help you resolve these issues quickly.
N.B. Shipping costs related to the purchase will not be reimbursed, if incurred.
Read also CONDITIONS OF SALE AND SHIPPING, to correctly exercise the return.