We are proud to be produced in Italy.

Our products are locally dyed, reducing emissions and waste. We use recycled fabrics, so as not to increase the waste of raw materials. Made by women for women .. Ethical and comfortable, each piece will accompany you throughout your life and everything it brings.We strive to provide the most thoughtful and healthy working environment for all team members - from production and preparation , at headquarters - Fair trade and a consistently positive community are key to delivering not only the best final product for consumers, which we are proud to share, but also to show others that local production in Italy is indeed possible and viable .

travelass srls is a zero emissions company.


We attach great importance to our community, not just as a Milan-based brand, but as a force within the industry that can help in times of need. During the year we donate part of our gross profit to charities, as well as to smaller movements that support sustainable efforts and positive causes within our community.This includes manufacturing lottery pieces, sample sales, donations of profit, charitable pieces and digital awareness generation.

Waste reduction

Travelass srls plastic bags are biodegradable, recycled and recyclable, built with post-consumer plastic. We operate with a minimal printing policy, we use recycled paper. With an increased emphasis on localized manufacturing and operations, we severely limit our carbon footprint and commercial production. Minimizing back and forth production is one of our main goals and we work to strengthen these efforts on a regular basis.

We are not perfect, however we believe it is the collective shift towards change that has the greatest impact.